Protest Number Race Protestor Protestee Jury decision  
CNA 32 7 Jury ESP-800 Redress is given in race 7 (1 race of final series) by points based on average scores from all races in qualifying series, but not worse than 27 points. No other boat should be affected in their score in race 7. +info
CNA 31 11 POR-27 FRA-14 FRA is DSQ in race 11. +info
CNA 30 11 FRA-14 POR-27 Protest withdrawn. +info
CNA27 7 USA-31 Reopening denied +info
CNA22 ESP-800 USA-31 USA31 is disqualified ESP800 is given points for the average score for all races sailed on thursday 3rd April for race 7. +info
CNA18 7 FRA-14 CRO-13 See case 17. +info
CNA17 7 CRO-13 FRA-14 FRA-14 is DSQ in race 7. CRO-13 already retired from the race. +info
CNA16 9 FIN-49 GBR-114 GBR 114 DSQ in Race 9. Redress given. FIN 49 to be scored average points for Race 9 from races 7, 8 and all races sailed on April 3. +info
CNA8 3 EST-372 NOR-888 NOR 888 DSQ in Race 3. +info
CNA11 ESP-683 GBR-10 GBR 10 DSQ in race 4 ESP 683 redress in race 5 & 6 as average of races 1, 2 and 3. +info
CNA9 2 FRA-3 Race Committee Case was withdrawn by the protestor. +info
CNA2 1 EST-372 GBR-360 GBR 360 DSQ in Race 1. +info
CNA1 1 POR-15 POL-52 Redress given. POR 15 to be scored average points from qualifying races except from race 1, for races 2 and 3 provided the awarded average points are for less than half races in qualifying series. +info